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Body image stuff is so complicated. Here are some jumbled thoughts/impressions from the conference relating to body image.

  • some people seem to still think that if you have an ED you must have body image/weight issues (highly correlated, yes, but you can have one without the other); actually, you can have bulimia without body dissatisfaction. (sure it may be rare, i don’t know, but who cares, it is not non-existent
  • that loving your body is the be-all and end-all goal, like some kind of ultimate achievement. it definitely IS for some. it is fucking awesome if you love your body. but you are not a shitty person if you don’t. you are not lesser than. it is good to feel good, and it is shitty to not feel so good (obvious statement is obvious, right.) but yeah, carrie blogged about this before.
  • that loving your body = fighting what we are told in the media about thin ideal. that is part of it for a LOT of people, but it is not the only thing going on here. there’s also gender dysphoria (and that’s not totally separated from media portrayals of gender either, but it is different) for one. 
  • there’s also the fact that you can love your body but hate how it gets treated/the reaction it gets. like you know, cat calls and shit. (i fall into this category very often in the last few years). maybe you feel sexy but you don’t want to be noticed by the same/opposite gender? it is not just about feeling attractive. sometimes it is the opposite.
  • framing the ‘love your body’ rhetoric as fighting against media ideals instead of questioning media ideals in the first place. and more than that, while there was a lot of questioning of media ideals at the conference but  there was no discussion as far as i could tell (and of course, major major caveat: I did NOT go to all the talks, even all the prevention/body image talks, so I may be wrong) about what’s driving that: capitalism. (i’m talking about the plenary talks about media in particular) how do you sell a product if you don’t market that idea that you need this product to feel good, sexy, healthy, vibrant, whatever? maybe you can, i don’t know, but can you really market beauty products by going, um, well, yeah, when you use this cream, actually, you’ll still look like this average person here. 
  • i feel sometimes like there’s some assumption that we can ALL love our body and that we are starting from some equal ground. i feel like it is taboo to discuss the obvious: in some ways, generally, it is easier for someone who fits the ideal to like their body. i’m in that ideal. i think it is easier for me than if i had to, personally, deal with fat stigma (and seriously, if you are going to start denying thin privilege like just don’t. i don’t have time.) i am NOT saying that it is ALWAYS easier for thinner people than it is for fat people (i don’t mean to use the word ‘fat’ negatively). because of all of those ^^^ points. it is not so simple. but in broad strokes, generally speaking. i feel like no one wants to say that. this point gets misinterpreted a lot. i’m not saying that for any single thin person it is easier than any single fat person. obviously not. i’m talking overall.
Coming up on RainbowRecoverED! #update #recovery #edrecovery

Coming up on RainbowRecoverED! #update #recovery #edrecovery

We had a meeting today and have a few great articles in mind for the next few weeks (which all tie in with each other, somehow!) with features on:
-what the science is behind the bombardment of conflicting diet advice 
-checking sources and references on diet advice and non-professional advice in general 
-staying away from and dealing with fads
-tips for listening to your body over your brain

If you would like to submit any ideas for articles or your own article send us a message here or email us at


Sooner or later
You won’t need to justify eating
With “extreme hunger”
Or “I saved all my calories for now”
Because you’ll realize that
It’s ok
That you’re hungry
That you want food
Despite what you are doing
Or what you’ve eaten already
You will feel okay with eating
When you want to
And that’s good.

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In general, starved anorectics are metabolically inefficient, and may require more than the expected 3,500 kcal beyond maintenance caloric needs to restore a pound of body weight. The caloric requirement necessary to cause weight gain can vary between 1800 kcal/day and 4500 kcal/day.

Mehler et al. (2010). Nutritional Rehabilitation: Practical Guidelines for Refeeding the Anorectic Patient.

(Ahem, so please don’t ask me how many calories you need to eat to gain or how much you should expect to gain. I do not know.)

Hey what are your opinions on Minniemaud method to recover?


Personally I haven’t used it, and nor has Tess. I know a number of people have followed the program and found it useful. The recommended number of calories are in line with what many dietitians would recommend and what *most* healthy young men and women eat. The Your Eatopia website has a huge number of quality articles on there and is a really great resource.

Try sending any one of these girls here, here, and here a message about it. They’ll be able to talk about their experiences with you.

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Friendly reminder to #breathe on today, #Easter. It’s ok to indulge in some chocolate with friends and family. One (or more) days of eating yummy treats isn’t going to make you expand magically overnight or gain 400kg. You can eat chocolate and be fine. It’s ok to treat yourself. Happy Easter from @tesshayley and @madelinebevs

Friendly reminder to #breathe on today, #Easter. It’s ok to indulge in some chocolate with friends and family. One (or more) days of eating yummy treats isn’t going to make you expand magically overnight or gain 400kg. You can eat chocolate and be fine. It’s ok to treat yourself. Happy Easter from @tesshayley and @madelinebevs



I keep seeing too many people complain about having big thighs and being fat or skinny so I made these!

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