Even though some of the links go directly to the iTunes or Android store, still double check them because most of them are available of both platforms as well as others :)
12 Steps AA Companion (iTunes/Android)
Alura: Cognitive Therapy
ASK & Prevent Suicide (iTunes/Android)
Beating the Blues
Beat Panic
Beat Social Phobia (iTunes/Android)
BellyBio Interactive Breathing
Body Beautiful
CBT Referee
Circle of 6
Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help
Cognitive Enhancement Therapy
Constant Therapy
Control Alcohol (iTunes/Android)
DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach
DBT Self Help
Depression CBT Self-Help Guide
Eating D
eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker
Emotions and Feelings - AutismFeelings Book
Fit Brains
Focus Trainer
Happy Habits: Choose Happiness
HELP Prevent Suicide (iTunes/Android)
ImQuit – Quit Addiction
Kissy Project
Life Mood
LifeLine Response
Live Happy
Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Control
Mood and Anxiety Diary
Mood Panda
Mood Tracker
Mood Tracking Journal and Diary
Mood Watch
MoodMaster Anti-Depression App
Moody Me
My Mood Tracker
OneHealth Meeting Finder
OnWatch (iTunes/Android)
Operation Reach Out (iTunes/Android)
Overcoming Social Anxiety
Panic Aid
Project Toe
PTSD Coach
QPR Suicide Crisis Support
Recovery Box
Recovery Record
Rise Up + Recover
Sad Scale
SAFE Alternatives
Safe Helpline
Safety App
Safety Plan
SAM – Self Help for Anxiety Management
SAS – Social Anxiety Support
Scientific Brain Training Pro
Self-Esteem Blackboard
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Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help
Stop Drinking (iTunes/Android)
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T2 Mood Tracker
Take Control
Teen Hotlines
The Now
This Way Up
Thought Diary
Watch Over Me – Personal Safety App
Way of Life
Wingman Project
Worry Box- Anxiety Self Help


Even though some of the links go directly to the iTunes or Android store, still double check them because most of them are available of both platforms as well as others :)


food isn’t something you can earn. food isn’t something you have to work to deserve. food isn’t something you have to pay for in workouts, purges or restricting later on. food is not something you can earn. 


Some notes on abuse:

  • If they hurt you, you do not owe them your loyalty no matter how many times they say “I love you”
  • Go with the assumption that they will not actually change. You do not owe them second chances
  • There are not thresholds of pain and awful that they have to reach before you are justified in leaving/reporting them
  • They are not doing it because they “just love you so much it gets out of control sometimes”. That is not love
  • They will use the word love to manipulate you, but that word is just a mask for a different meaning, because the actual definition of love has nothing to do with their behavior
  • Verbal and emotional abuse leave mental damage that can take years and even a lifetime to unravel and repair. So yes, they count
  • No number of gifts make you owe them anything. You cannot use money to make up for cruelty 
  • You owe them nothing
  • You are not a bad person for hating them
  • You are not a bad person for leaving forever
  • You are not a bad person for not forgiving them

There was a girl in my high school who used to get such severe panic attacks you could hear her hyperventilating 5 class rooms away. Once it happened in the middle of a vce assembly, afterwards the teachers explainined to us what to do. Her friend also spoke to us about what particular things helped this girl (such as having a glass of water with her). From then on, anyone in the yr level would stop & help if they saw the girl having a panic attack rather than ignore her. - cont-

-cont- I’m aware I was very lucky at my school that students and staff were frequently happy to discuss things such as mental health and highly encouraged us to look after each other and not judge. It also helped that my school had a small amount of students & most were there for having been bullied or for having physical/mental health problems. I know at many schools though they don’t get to talk about these things.

- - -
I’m so glad that you had such a positive experience with your school providing clear guidelines and helpful information regarding panic attacks.
As a teacher at times I feel hopelessly inadequate with dealing with many mental health issues. I found Yarrow’s article particularly useful as a teacher. I haven’t (to my knowledge) had a student have a severe panic attack in my presence, but now that I am better informed I feel as though I can deal with it much better.
Thanks for sharing your story with us! There is certainly much to be gained when we speak out about mental health issues.
Madeline. x
But see, that’s the thing — depression doesn’t care what life looks like on paper. It doesn’t give a damn about what you tell yourself about how great life is and could be. What it does is slams the sheer gravity of being down upon you when you least expect it, ties weights to your ankles and drowns you in a sea of anxiety, of “what if”s and “not good enough”s. And that is something that took me a long time to understand and an even longer time to talk about.
Depression Doesn’t Care About What Your Life Looks Like On Paper | Thought Catalog  (via the-healing-nest)